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Trump attacks Facebook after reports of 'special treatment for the elite' on the platform

Former US President Donald Trump has criticized Facebook for "protecting a secret against the so-called 'elite'", following a report revealing a group of 5.8 million users who don't have to follow the social networking site's rules, according to the New York Post.

An investigation by the Wall Street Journal published on Monday revealed that high-profile users on Facebook are being exempted from some or all of the site's rules, through a system called "cross-check" or "XCheck".

The program was originally designed to serve as a "quality control measure" for actions against such users, such as politicians, journalists, or celebrities. However, these same users are now allowed to post posts that contain harassment, incitement to violence, or other abuse that will penalize other users for doing so. By blocking or removing posts.

Trump, who is suing Facebook and other technology company websites for "censorship," criticized the company in light of the new revelations on Tuesday.

In a statement, Trump said: “Facebook and tech companies are so corrupt it has now been decided in a major article in the Wall Street Journal that Facebook is secretly protecting the so-called “elite,” making them exempt from the rules and this would help in my lawsuits against tech companies and those who hate America."

While Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, claimed that he treats all its users alike but the Wall Street Journal reports.

Facebook spokesperson Andy Stone said the system was "designed with the important reason to create an extra step so we can accurately apply policies to content that may require further understanding."