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Tragedy in Italy..a hurricane sweeps rooftops and overturns cars

Two people were killed and nine injured in a hurricane in Pantelleria, Sicily, as rescue operations continue for fear of more casualties, while the Calabria region, also in the south of the country, declared an emergency in red, due to the bad weather.

And the Italian newspaper “Mettio” indicated that the hurricane suddenly erupted in Pantleria, swept away the roofs of houses and overturned many cars, it erased everything in its path, and among the nine injured, one of them had a broken spine, he will be transferred today to Palermo, where weather conditions did not allow So at night, while another will remain in hospital on Bernardo Nagar Island, after suffering a rib cage fracture, and among the dead are a 47-year-old off-duty firefighter and an elderly man.

Firefighters and civil protection searched through the night for possible disappearances, as there are many tourists on the island these days, according to the Civil Protection.

Rescue work, joined by a team of firefighters specialized in the affected areas, is continuing in the Campobello region, where drones and all necessary means will be used, according to the Mayor of Pantelleria, Vincenzo Campo.

The newspaper said the residents were shocked to see in a few seconds a building being completely destroyed, and the bad weather conditions further complicated the rescue operations.

“It was a horrific sight to us,” said one of the lifeguards, who arrived at the scene with his colleagues. In the meantime, the civil protection men, in coordination with the security men, are searching for any missing persons."