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The Prime Minister of Lebanon sheds tears.. I know the reason

The new Lebanese Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, could not hold back his tears while delivering his first speech after announcing the formation of the new government under his presidency. The pain of people, whose miserable state has reached the point of despair, despair and frustration.

With these tears, the path of the new government begins, on which the Lebanese pin many hopes, even if the accumulated crises seem intractable.

In his poignant speech, Mikati said that the old, the young, and those swaddled in bed know the difficult situation, stressing the need to work as one team, one hand to prevent frustration and despair. To the point that Lebanon "needs the Arab world and what has been cut off has arrived, and in the first place has not been cut off. Lebanon is proud of its brothers and sisters who have never left it."

He said: "I hope that we will rise with the government and stop the current collapse, and work together with one hand to restore Lebanon to its glory and prosperity."

Mikati added that he will knock on the doors of the Arab world and will deliver closer relations with the Arab brothers, because Lebanon needs its Arab brothers. This was in his first statement after an announcement that he chaired the Cabinet, which consists of 24 ministers.

Mikati stressed that Lebanon will open the way to reform its relations with the Arab countries, because Lebanon is getting stronger with its Arab surroundings, especially since Lebanon is going through difficult circumstances, so it has reduced the food of its children due to the scarcity of milk. their country and its development.

He asked the media to be a catalyst for building the nation, without focusing on the negatives only, but rather encouraging the Lebanese to work and joint struggle for Lebanon.