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The Prime Minister of Iraq before the “looted money” conference: Corruption and terrorism are two sides of the same coin

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi stressed the need to recover the looted funds, since the beginning and the main goal is to fight corruption, explaining that a special anti-corruption committee was formed in cooperation with the Integrity Commission, the judicial authorities and the Ministry of Justice and Financial Control.

Al-Kazemi said in his speech during the International Conference for the Recovery of Stolen Funds, that he welcomes the brothers in the conference to recover the looted funds of Iraq and its bounties, stressing that corruption and terrorism are two sides of the same coin, and that corruption was present when society was plunged into sectarian fighting.

He added that the right path begins with the frankness of the Iraqi people about the dangers that led to the decline of Iraq, noting that the Anti-Corruption Committee revealed, within one year, corruption files that had not been revealed for 17 years and recovered looted funds from abroad, and that hundreds of billions of dollars were smuggled abroad.

He pointed out that there is no place for frustration and retreat, explaining that the Anti-Corruption Committee was attacked and false accusations aimed at thwarting it and thwarting its work.