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The Arab League affirms its commitment to promoting the rights of the Arab child

The League of Arab States reaffirmed its commitment to promoting the rights of the Arab child and embodying them on the ground through laws, policies, programs and plans directed at children, in cooperation and partnership with member states and regional and international organizations working in the field of childhood.

This came in a statement issued by the Arab League today, Thursday, on the occasion of the "Arab Child Day", which falls on the first of October of each year on the anniversary of the martyrdom of the Palestinian child Mohammed Al-Durra by the Israeli occupation forces.

The Arab League commended the efforts made by member states to advance Arab childhood issues, stressing their relentless determination, through the specialized Arab ministerial councils and Arab summits, to place issues of advocacy and protection of children’s rights among their most important priorities to improve the situation of the Arab child within the framework of human rights approaches that take into account the interests of the child from all sides. Ways.

The Arab League referred to what was issued by the 25th session of the Arab Childhood Committee - one of the mechanisms for following up on the joint Arab action track - in order to advance the issues of Arab childhood. The development agenda for investing in childhood in the Arab world beyond 2015-2030, with the aim of increasing awareness of children’s issues among governments and decision-makers, strengthening the capacity of governments and directing decision-makers towards policies consistent with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The Arab League expressed the hope that through the strategy it prepared this year, entitled "The Comprehensive Plan for Reducing the Recruitment of Children in Armed Conflicts", it would be able to provide appropriate protection for children to prohibit their involvement in armed and terrorist conflicts while providing a safe environment for them, noting the efforts that It is doing it in coordination with regional and international organizations concerned with child protection in the Arab region to discuss ways to provide support to Palestinian children and reduce the consequences of violence practiced against them.

She also referred to the efforts being made to prepare a study on "Children's Rights in the Arab Countries, more than 30 years after the issuance of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, with the aim of identifying the legislative and legal steps taken in the Arab countries, monitoring the progress achieved in this regard, and the difficulties encountered in The field of child rights work, in addition to the efforts being made to implement the plan of the "Arab Strategy for the Protection of Children in the Asylum Situation in the Arab Region" with the aim of focusing on children in the refugee situation in the Arab region and how to face the challenges they face.

The Arab League noted the measures it has taken to educate children about the risks arising from the use of the Internet by releasing videos to educate children about the importance of the safe use of modern technology.

She explained that given what the world is going through during this period due to the Covid 19 pandemic, which has negatively affected the conditions of Arab childhood, a guide has been prepared for the best practices taken by Arab countries to protect children in light of the Covid 19 pandemic to display and document practices and initiatives in a number of Arab countries with the aim of exchanging Experiences and lessons learned from all positive practices in an attempt to reach the optimal image and comprehensive model for facing pandemics with regard to childhood.