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Taher Mohamed Taher bid farewell to Marwan Mohsen: You are a great player and you will miss me

Taher Mohamed Taher, Al-Ahly club player, bid farewell to Marwan Mohsen, his former colleague in the Red Team, with a short message through his personal account on Instagram, after Al-Ahly announced the termination of his contract with Marwan Mohsen before next season.

And Taher wrote on his Instagram account: May God honor you, my love, you are a great player, and you will miss me very much, Maru.

Sayed Abdel Hafeez, the football director, thanked Marwan Mohsen, the team's striker, for the period he spent with the team, during which he was a model of commitment and discipline.

The director of the ball held a session with the player, during which he assured him of the club’s appreciation for what he had provided over the past period, and that in appreciation of this sincerity on his part, the club leaves him the freedom to move to any other club without Al-Ahly receiving anything in return.

Abdel Hafeez indicated that Marwan Mohsen is one of the players who have a special status with Al-Ahly and its management, and he deserves all appreciation, and he will remain one of the club’s sons.

In total, Marwan Mohsen played 112 games with Al-Ahly with a total of 5581 minutes of play, during which he scored 23 goals, made ten other goals and received 13 warnings. And the local Super Cup, in addition to the bronze in the Club World Cup.