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Stock market news today, Wednesday 29-9-2021

The Egyptian Stock Exchange news varied during today’s trading session, Wednesday 29-9-2021, the most prominent of which was the end of the Egyptian Stock Exchange’s trading session today, Wednesday, with a collective decline of indices, for the third consecutive session, under pressure from the fall of foreign traders, amid low trading volumes, and the market capital lost 1.9 billion pounds to close at 696.376 billion pounds.

Suspension of trading 12 companies

The Egyptian Stock Exchange announced the suspension of trading on 12 shares for a period of 10 minutes for exceeding the 5% up or down during today’s trading session, and they are Port Said for Agricultural Development and Contracting, the right to subscribe to Port Said for Agricultural Development and Contracting-1, Marseilia Egyptian Gulf for Real Estate Investment, and Alaqaria Banks National Development, El Shams Housing and Development, Egyptian Building Industry Development (Lift Slab Egypt), First Investment and Real Estate Development, International Business Corporation for Trade and Commercial Agencies, International Fertilizers and Chemicals, Mansoura Poultry, Arab Development and Real Estate Investment, Al Moasher for software and information dissemination.


The stock market loses 1.9 billion pounds

The Egyptian Stock Exchange ended the trading session today, Wednesday, with a collective decline of indices, for the third consecutive session, under pressure from the decline of foreign traders, amid low trading volumes, and the market capital lost 1.9 billion pounds to close at the level of 696.376 billion pounds.


The trading volume on shares reached 317.7 million securities, with a value of 986.4 million pounds, through the implementation of 38.6 thousand transactions for 191 companies. The Egyptians’ transactions recorded 89.09% of the total transactions, while foreigners accounted for 5.74%, and the Arabs accounted for 5.17% during today’s trading session. Institutions accounted for 20.54% of the transactions in the stock exchange, and the rest of the transactions belonged to individuals with a percentage of 79.45%.


The net transactions of Arabs and Egyptian and foreign institutions for sale tended to be worth 4.5 million pounds, 45.6 million pounds, and 37.4 million pounds, while the net transactions of Egyptian and foreign individuals and Arab institutions tended to buy with a value of 75.7 million pounds, 2.3 million pounds, and 9.4 million pounds, respectively.


The "EGX30" index declined by 0.53% to reach the level of 10391 points, and the "EGX50" index fell by 0.42% to reach the level of 2284 points, and the "EGX30" index of weights decreased by 0.31% to reach the level of 12722 points, The "EGX30" total return index fell by 0.61% to reach the level of 4053 points.


The index of medium and small companies "EGX70 of equal weights" decreased by 0.35% to reach the level of 2,699 points, and the "EGX100 index of equal weights" decreased by 0.24% to reach the level of 3631 points, while the Excellence index rose by 2.45% to close at The level of 4574 points, and the bond index increased by 0.05% to close at the level of 1103 points.


Shares of 57 companies listed on the stock exchange rose at the close of trading, shares of 74 companies fell, and the levels of 60 companies did not change.

Registration Committee Decisions

The Egyptian Stock Exchange’s listing committee decided, in its session held today, Wednesday, to impose a financial obligation on the Egyptian Real Estate Group Company of 20 thousand pounds, and 10 thousand pounds on the Construction and Engineering Consultancy Company, due to the two companies’ non-compliance with Article 38 of the rules for listing and writing off securities and Article 66 of the executive procedures.

Treasury Bond Index

The Egyptian Stock Exchange announced the results of the periodic review of the treasury bond index on the Egyptian Stock Exchange during the periodic review period. 14 issues came out of the index, in return for the entry of 13 issues of treasury bonds, bringing the total number of bonds included in the index to 48 issues, with a total market value of 1.371 billion pounds. Compared to a market value of EGP 1,177 billion for the current index components.

Financial Supervision

Mohamed Omran, head of the Financial Supervisory Authority, issued two decisions canceling all executed operations and canceling offers and requests on the Egyptian securities for the development of the construction industry (Lift Slab Egypt), the real estate of the National Development Banks, with an amendment to the opening price for tomorrow’s session, Thursday, to 0.947 pounds per share for the first, and 69 .79 pounds per second.

insider dealings

The transactions of the insiders, the main shareholders and the groups associated with them varied during the trading session yesterday, Tuesday, as the Board of Directors of Abu Qir Fertilizers and Chemical Industries Company, Kafr El-Zayat Pesticides and Chemicals, El-Obour Real Estate Investment, International Financial Leasing (Incolise), sold 10.6 million shares, 2,700 shares, 5 thousand Shares, 200 thousand shares, respectively, and a group linked to the construction and engineering consultancy companies, Fawry for Banking Technology and Electronic Payments sold 10 thousand shares, 55 thousand shares, respectively, and the Commercial International Bank (Egypt) management also sold 9400 shares.


While the board of directors of the Egyptian Real Estate Group Companies, El Obour Real Estate Investment, Palm Hills Development, Porto Holding Group - Porto Group, Port Said for Agricultural Development and Contracting bought 8.2 million shares, 1500 shares, 233.6 thousand shares, 4.5 million shares, and 49 thousand shares, respectively. A group linked to Ismailia National Food Industries (Fodeco), International Financial Leasing (Incolise), MM Group for Industry and International Trade also bought 1652 shares, 200 thousand shares, and 268.2 thousand shares, respectively.


The International Company for Financial Leasing - Incolise announced that the shareholder of Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt sold 200 thousand shares at a price of 38 pounds, with a total value of 7.6 million pounds, bringing his shareholding down from 9.999% to 8.9999%, and the deal was executed through Faisal Securities Brokerage.

Meanwhile, Port Said Agricultural Development and Contracting Company announced that the shareholder, Manal bint Muhammad bin Ahmed Al Hassan, purchased 225.8 thousand shares at a price of 3,088 pounds, with a total value of 697.2 thousand pounds, bringing the shareholding percentage from 3.98% to 9.62%. The deal was executed through the Arab African International Securities Brokerage Company. .

Arab Cotton Ginning

The Arab Cotton Ginning Company announced that it achieved revenues of 1.3 billion pounds during the period ending on June 30, 2021, compared to 1.1 billion pounds during the same period last year, with a growth rate of 18%, and the company achieved losses of 23 million pounds, compared to 188.4 million pounds losses during the same period. The period last year decreased by 88%.

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The stock exchange listing committee decided to continue following up the position of the listed companies that did not achieve stable revenues from practicing their activities based on their financial statements and their statement, namely the Gulf Canadian Company for Arab Real Estate Investment, Al Nasr Company for the Manufacturing of Agricultural Crops, and the New Ismailia Company for Urban Development and Development, in light of what has been done. It was published from the companies’ responses to the Stock Exchange’s inquiries and the disclosures of the companies received in implementation of Article 63 of the executive procedures for the listing rules regarding corrective measures and the extent of their implementation, in order to present its position to the Listing Committee for its affairs and to decide whether or not to transfer dealings with it to List D.