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Russia Today: A Russian cargo ship collides with a Turkish ship in the Bosphorus Strait

The Turkish Coast Guard said, in a statement today, that the Russian cargo ship "Rosich-10" collided on Saturday with the Turkish ship Tahsin Imamoglu in the Bosphorus Strait.

On the other hand, the First Deputy Head of the Information Security Department of the Central Bank of Russia, Artyom Sychev, revealed that more than 15 financial institutions serving e-commerce were subjected to a large-scale cyber attack in Russia.

"These attacks, which took place last August and early September, were serious," Sychev said during a conference of the Association of Russian Banks via video technology, noting that the attackers were unable to disrupt the performance of Russian credit institutions.

"No bank in Russia has lost its efficiency during this powerful cyber attack," he added.

Sychev continued, "Not all banks, not all financial institutions, were attacked, but a large number of them were attacked," explaining that the attack targeted financial institutions that serve electronic commerce.

The deputy chairman of the board of directors of the Russian "Sberbank" said in early September that the Russian Central Bank and other financial institutions in Russia faced the most powerful hacker attack in the world last August, stressing that the bank succeeded in repelling the attack.

It is noteworthy that Russian media recently noted that some financial institutions in Russia incurred losses due to this attack, without mentioning the size and quality of these losses.