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Moein Al-Shaabani leads the morning training for Al-Masry in preparation for the new season

The first football team in the Egyptian Club played its morning session at the club’s stadium in the suburbs district, as part of the Port Said team’s preparations for the new season and the African Confederation Cup.

The training session witnessed a strong division between the players after dividing them into two groups, through which Moein Al-Shaabani gave some instructions to the players of the Port Said team after taking several notes on the performance and technical level.

The administration settled on meeting the requests of the current coach, Moeen Al-Shaabani, to keep the player. .


Tunisian Mouin El Shaabani, the new coach of the Al-Masry Al-Port Said team, adhered to the Nigerian player Augustin Amamchi Ogoye, known as "Austin Omoto", and demanded that the Port Said administration solve the player's crisis and negotiate a renewal with him.


Omoto was on the verge of leaving Al-Masry because of his ongoing disputes with Ali Maher, the former coach of the team, who demanded the player's departure and exclusion from the first African list that the team sent to Kef weeks ago.


Al-Shaabani was keen to talk with the Egyptian administration to renew the team's striker, Umto, as the player's contract expires at the end of next season, and he has the right to sign for any other club in January.