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Honoring the departed Hasballah Al Kafrawi and Hussein Sabour during the Builders of Egypt Forum

Dr. Assem El-Gazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, and Eng. Hassan Abdel-Aziz, President of the African Union of Construction and Building Contractors, honored the late engineer Hassaballah El-Kafrawi, former Minister of Housing, and Eng. Hussein Sabbour, founder of Al-Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Development Company, for their pioneering role in developing The concept of urbanization in Egypt, and to provide role models in work, development and leadership in this strategic sector for many years.


The shield of honor for the engineer, Hassaballah Al-Kafrawi, was received by his son, the engineer Abdul Aziz Hassaballah Al-Kafrawi, and the engineer Omar Sabbour, the son of the late engineer Hussein Sabbour, received the honorary shield for his father.


This came during the "Builders of Egypt" forum in its sixth session under the title "The Egyptian Experience... and a new vision for reconstruction plans in Arab and African countries", in the presence of an expanded ministerial from the Egyptian government and representatives of 25 African and Arab countries, in addition to the participation of more than 300 leaders. Executives representing major contracting and real estate investment companies, financial and banking institutions, energy and infrastructure developers.


Engineer Hassaballah Al-Kafrawi was born in November 1930, and graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, Department of Civil Engineering in 1956. The late great occupied several influential positions, as he was appointed governor of Damietta and then head of the New Urban Communities Authority, he was also elected captain of engineers, and was elected a member of the House of Representatives for three courses.


He held the position of Minister of Housing for sixteen years from September 1977 until October 1993. He was known for his adherence to the principles of honor and integrity and his keenness to perfect work and protect public money. His policy in managing the housing file is the first nucleus for the launch of the construction movement in new cities.


Meanwhile, engineer Hussein Fayek Sabbour, born in 1936, established a number of investments in the field of real estate, and was a witness to a number of transformations not only in the sector but in the Egyptian economy, before he passed away at the age of 85.


Hussein graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University in 1957, and also received a diploma in road planning in 1958 and a diploma in basic development in 1962.


In 1994, Hussein Sabbour had an ambitious vision, establishing one of the first engineering consultancy companies in Egypt, merging it with the most powerful and empowering real estate companies, and establishing Al Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Development Company as a joint stock company.


In 1998, he established a partnership with the National Bank of Egypt, which is now a long-term partnership where the shares in the joint company were distributed between them in a ratio of 60:40 between the Sabbour family and the National Bank, respectively, and Eng. Hussein Sabbour assumed the position of Chairman and Managing Director