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Behind the scenes of the dressing room.. Haitham Farouk expects the fox to score the goal of crowning Zamalek with the first Super

The club dressing room always witnesses many scenes, some of which are revealed, while many of them remain as secrets that no one knows about. Team clothing is the “kitchen” from which the first spark of important decisions and strong instructions emerges, and it also has a role in achieving victories and ascending to the podium, as well as having a role in receiving defeats and losing championships, as the dressing room witnesses loud discussions at times and humourous connections at other times. Therefore, in the context of the next report, we will present the scenes of some of what is happening in the Egyptian football dressing rooms.


Behind the scenes of the dressing rooms today, narrated by Haitham Farouk, the former Zamalek star, about the first title of the Egyptian Super Cup, which Al-Abyad won in 2001 at the expense of Ghazl Al-Mahalla with a goal without a response scored by Hazem Imam, after Al-Ahly apologized for not participating in the first edition of the Egyptian Super Cup against Zamalek in 2001 as The Egyptian Cup champion after losing the first leg against ASEC Abidjan in Cote d’Ivoire with a clean goal in the African Club Championship on September 9 of the same year, and the lack of time to prepare for the return match if participating in the Super, so the Football Association, headed by Dahshoury Harb at the time, used the Ghazl El-Mahalla Club Egypt Cup runner-up.


Farouk says, "It was a wonderful period for Zamalek club, we won the league and the African Cup of Cups, and we were waiting to face Al-Ahly in the first edition of the Egyptian Super Championship, but he did not participate."


Haitham Farouk added, "The room was shared between me and Hossam Hassan in the camp of this meeting, and before the match I expected Hazem Imam to score a goal against Al-Mahalla, and indeed that happened when we advanced with his wonderful goal in the 20th minute, and then he came to celebrate with me."