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Aoun: We count on cooperation between the Lebanese Army and UNIFIL to maintain stability in the region

The President of the Lebanese Republic, Michel Aoun, said that his country relies a lot on the existing cooperation between the Lebanese army and (UNIFIL) to maintain stability in the southern region, praising the efforts made by these forces to help contain tension as a result of the repeated Israeli violations of Lebanese sovereignty.


During his meeting with the Commander of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), Major General Stefano Del Col, today, Monday at Baabda Palace, Aoun reiterated Lebanon's commitment to implementing UN Security Council Resolution 1701 in all its aspects, calling for pressure on Israel to abide by the implementation of this resolution, welcoming the extension of UNIFIL. “An additional year without an amendment to the tasks or many, in the resolution that bore No. 2591, praising what was added to the resolution in providing international support to the Lebanese Army through additional and urgent assistance, including logistical needs and daily maintenance work.


Aoun pointed to the negative effects of the economic and social crisis on the work of the security forces, their members and their families, and thanked the UN Security Council's request from UNIFIL to help the Lebanese army with fuel, food, medicine and logistical support for a period of six months, considering that the Lebanese army and security forces need the help of the international community.


He affirmed his rejection of any attack on the international forces, calling for solving any problem that might occur with its units and the people, in coordination with the Lebanese army.


Major General Del Col had presented to the Lebanese President a presentation of the current situation in the south and the role of "UNIFIL" in dealing with the events that occur from time to time, pointing to the unanimity of the decision to extend it according to Lebanon's request, that is, without any modification to its tasks.