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After obtaining the confidence of Parliament, the government of Lebanon will hold its first session next Monday

It was decided that the Lebanese Council of Ministers will start holding its regular sessions on Monday of next week at the Presidential Palace in Baabda. According to what was reported by Lebanon 24


The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers has begun returning the files, which will be submitted to the Council of Ministers, to the concerned ministers for signature, after they were signed by the previous ministers.


 Once the new signatures are completed within the next few days, the first agenda will be completed, and the session will be held on Monday in Baabda.

Yesterday, Monday evening, the new Lebanese government headed by Najib Mikati won the confidence of the Lebanese Parliament. The "Together to Rescue" government, consisting of 24 ministers, won the confidence of 85 of the present deputies, while 15 of the deputies refused to give it confidence.