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A partnership between Al-Taqnia for Economic Consulting and "Golden Vero" to provide and operate European production lines for IPIC

Technology Company, one of the leading companies in the field of feasibility studies and economic consultancy in the Arab region, announced its strategic partnership with Golden Ferro. Which aims to open new global markets and at the same time provide European production lines with high quality and productivity.

It provides its services to IPIC based on the strategic partnership between them to provide a production line of (Cybral) pipes, which are used in the infrastructure field of water and sewage transport, with a diameter ranging between 700 mm and 3000 mm, a thickness of 20 mm and a length of 13.50 meters

IPIC is one of the companies that represent investment cooperation between Egypt and Kuwait, where the Kuwait Pipe Industries and Oil Services Company owns 60%, the Engineering Company for Petroleum and Chemical Projects (Enppi) 11.42%, the Egyptian Natural Gas Company (GASCO) 11.42%, and the Petroleum Projects and Technical Consultations Company Petrojet 11.42%


 Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Technical Economic Consulting Company


Ahmed Abdel-Latif Al-Sharif, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Technology Company, indicated that this line is the first of its kind in Egypt, which is used for this purpose. The company has provided this line and made a technical presentation for it.

The Technology Company is considered one of the leading companies in investment and management consultancy for local and international companies and institutions. It also provides economic feasibility studies for projects, supplying production lines of European and Asian origin, providing restructuring services, solving organizational and administrative problems, and business plans for the development of factories and companies.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Golden Ferro

Mr. Ahmed Aziz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Golden Ferro, said that this cooperation between the two parties aims to provide capabilities and tools that help IPIC develop its products of pipes of different diameters and lengths to replace the imported one with the local alternative.

The Golden Ferro Company supervised the process of dismantling, transferring, installing the line, operating it, and training workers through experts from outside Egypt, as the company has been working in the field of supplying all types of new and used production lines of European origin for more than fifteen years. The company aims to give customers the best services to achieve their satisfaction.

Mr. Ahmed Aziz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Golden Ferro, and Mr. Ahmed Al-Sharif indicated that this cooperation is not the first of its kind between the two companies, as it is a continuation of the two companies' efforts in the field of equipping and delivering complete factories over the years.

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of IPIC

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of IPIC, "Mr. Abdul Karim Abdullah Al-Mutawa" and his deputy, Mr. Khaled Abdo, with the guidance of the Technology Company and Golden Ferro Company, have established a new line, a new line for the production of spiral pipes, for the manufacture of the pipe with a diameter of up to 3 meters and a length of up to 13.50 meters The production volume reaches 170,000 tons per year.

He pointed out that IPIC is one of the major companies in the manufacture of steel pipes and iron factories, and its products are distinguished by high quality, which was established and registered in Egypt since January 2001, to supply the Egyptian and international oil and natural gas markets with pipes and elbows for oil and natural gas projects with a capital of 200 million dollars. We are committed to providing steel pipe and steel fabrication solutions to build an excellent relationship with existing and new customers through a consistent supply of high quality products. He pointed out that we aim to become the most competitive and diversified supplier of steel pipe solutions in Africa in order to survive and achieve sustainable development.

Assistant to the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Financial and Administrative Affairs of IPIC

We also believe that the responsibility first and foremost is to ensure a healthy, safe and comfortable working environment. Strict security policies are implemented, strict control of unsafe conditions, procedures and behavior is implemented with continuous development while offering high quality products with best prices and expanding our activities to introduce new products to ensure these operations run safely for both our partners and customers.

The Epic Training Center also activates safety procedures for all levels of employees, contractors, and visitors in our company to ensure that they are fully aware of all Epic safety procedures and different work situations to achieve an appropriate level of safety in line with international standards, and we strive to achieve an accident-free environment by preparing and supporting Administrative level for safety leaders