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A British woman compensated 32,000 pounds from the groom's family after she was injured in the wedding ceremony

A woman has been awarded £32,000 compensation from the family of a groom who filed a lawsuit against him after she injured her knee as a result of slipping at his wedding. The wedding of her friend Anya and Chris Richardson in September 2016, according to the British newspaper, "Daily Mail".

The British woman filed a lawsuit against the company operating the hall, a company owned and operated by members of the groom's family, and the judge awarded her £32,000 in damages. Josiah Anthony said she was invited to the wedding and was staying at the bride's house after the wedding.

In another funny incident, it is noteworthy that the wedding guests of the newlyweds, from the American city of Chicago, were stunned when they received a bill of $ 240 (£ 175) from two newlyweds after they did not attend her wedding, during the ceremony that was held in Jamaica, and the couple was quick to express Angered by the absence of a large number of guests from attending their wedding, they decided to send invoices to all those who failed to attend the event, to hold them accountable for the cost of booking seats and meals.

And according to the British newspaper, “The Sun”, the bill was listed for the “wedding dinner (no show) service” as the unit price is $120 (£90).

The description reads: “This bill was sent to you because you confirmed the seat(s) at the wedding during the final count of the number of attendees, the amount above is the cost of your individual seats, and since you did not call or give proper notice that you will not be present, this amount is what You owe it to us to pay for your seat(s) up front.”