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5 signs that you are suffering from obesity, most notably shortness of breath and swelling of the leg

Obesity is a health problem that has spread significantly in recent years, and its main cause is due to wrong eating habits, a sedentary lifestyle, and lack of physical activity, and the risks of obesity are not limited to form only, but also increase the risks of chronic diseases. In this report, we learn about the most prominent confirmed signs that It indicates that you are obese and need to make changes to lose weight, according to the "Times of India" website.

5 sure signs that you are overweight


tight clothes

It is normal for a slight fluctuation in your weight within a month or two, and in women, this most commonly occurs around the time of your period, due to hormonal changes and water retention. Such as: not being able to button the pants, etc.

Swelling in the legs and feet


Excess weight puts pressure on the nervous system in your legs and feet that carries blood to the heart and vice versa. Therefore, when you are overweight, the nerves are unable to carry blood properly resulting in swelling of the legs and feet.

In severe cases, obese people may suffer from varicose veins or clots. Besides, being overweight may also lead to complications that may put them at risk of heart attack.

Tired all the time


If you feel tired all the time, check if you have gained weight in the past few months People who gain weight often feel tired in the morning even after sleeping through the night because obesity disrupts the flow of breathing at night, which in turn leads to sleep apnea These people snore at night and wake up frequently, which affects the quality of their sleep and makes them feel tired during the day.

shortness of breath


Shortness of breath is associated with many health conditions, one of which is weight gain. Fat often accumulates around the chest in people who are overweight, which hinders their normal breathing and they start feeling short of breath after doing simple household chores even after walking and lifting heavy weights in severe cases, They may find it difficult to breathe properly when lying down.

 Irregular menstruation and constipation


Being overweight in women leads to hormonal problems that disrupt the menstrual cycle Even menstrual pain can be too much Apart from that, being overweight can also lead to constipation problem in both men and women Lack of sleep makes it difficult for the stomach to digest food and as a result So a person feels constipated in the morning.