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25 million pounds, the value of the “sell item” by Mohamed Sobhi to Farko

Zamalek club officials reached an agreement with the management of Farco Club on the sale price of Mohamed Sobhi, the team’s goalkeeper, in the event that the purchase clause in the loan contract to the goalkeeper was activated, as Sobhi was loaned to Farco for a season with the intention of selling.


A source inside the Zamalek club revealed that the agreed amount is 25 million pounds, in addition to the loan fee, which amounts to 5 million pounds.


And Mohamed Abu Jabal, goalkeeper of the Zamalek club, had been keen to bid farewell to his colleague Mahmoud Jensh, who was loaned to the Future FC Club, and Abu Jabal wrote through his account on Instagram, “May God be with you, my love, and return to your home from Tani, Mijnsha.”

“Genish” sent a message to the fans of the White Castle on Instagram, in which he said: Today, I announce my departure from my home, Zamalek Club, on loan for a season, based on the decision of the technical administration. he is coming

Since 2011, "Genesh" has participated during his career with Zamalek in 114 games so far, with 73 matches in the Premier League, 12 matches in the African Champions League, 14 matches in the Confederation, 14 matches in the Egypt Cup and a match in the Egyptian Super, during which he received 79 goals and kept 58 clean sheets. He received 7 warnings and a red card in two matches.