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Tunisian People's Movement: Ennahda deviated from Tunisia's path and its leaders await judicial accountability

Dr. Reda Lagha, a member of the Political Bureau of the Tunisian People's Movement, confirmed that it is expected that the Ennahda movement or some of its leaders will be referred to judicial accountability in corruption cases, explaining that the Ennahda movement is directly responsible for the exhaustion of public finances, as it allied with the money lobbies and desecrated the public facility. According to the empowerment approach at the expense of the state’s running structures, as well as the fact that it deviated from the path and directed it towards nepotism and penetration.

A member of the Political Bureau of the Tunisian People's Movement said, in exclusive statements to "The Seventh Day", from Tunisia, that the Tunisian Ennahda movement is also responsible for the files of political assassination, which is now in a strategic depression, and the axis that supports it has ended its role, explaining that the July 25 decisions to dissolve the government of Hisham Al-Mashishi. And the freezing of Parliament’s work, and from this point of view, is a corrective moment to rehabilitate the youthful energies that made the revolution and remained on the sidelines.

A member of the Political Bureau of the Tunisian People's Movement added that Tunisia's freedom remains an ideal value that is open to the future, and Tunisian President Kais Saied, the People's Movement, the Youth and all national forces are the alternative that corrects the wrong choices according to the idea of ​​revolutionary legitimacy, and not just by appealing to a legitimacy that Ennahda has lost its public meaning.

A member of the Political Bureau of the Tunisian People's Movement pointed out that everyone who is proven to be involved in the argument and the presumption will be referred to trial because the slogan of the stage is the supremacy of the law without clarity or bias.

And regarding control of the government of Hisham Al-Mashichi, a member of the Political Bureau of the Tunisian People’s Movement said: We were part of a government of national consensus with Fakhfakh, but Ennahda did not accept the new balances, and we confirmed that the 2019 elections resulted in dispersed legitimacy in exchange for an intense legitimacy of President Kais Saied, and the balance of blocs is a shocking fact for Ennahda. Which was alone in the path, so it went to fatal coercion, and coordination with Qalb Tounes, accused of corruption, and the Dignity Coalition accused of terrorism.

He pointed out that this new situation was politically a dangerous escalation that pushed the legitimacy of the president to play a direct role, as the man is against corruption and believes in national sovereignty, and this sorting has imposed facts on the ground, perhaps the most dangerous of which is the co-optation of Hisham Al-Mashishi in favor of this hybrid coalition, and we knew that we would win and all indications go to This trend and from here also advised the president to activate Arab diplomacy to confuse this alliance, and openness to Arab Egypt represented a support that confused the Renaissance. to the will of the people.