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The Iraqi Prime Minister warns of the danger of the health situation as a result of the spread of "Corona"

Today, Saturday, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi warned that the current health situation in his country due to the outbreak of the Corona virus is “serious.”


Al-Kazemi said - during an inspection tour today to a number of exam centers in the capital, Baghdad, on the first day of exams for the preparatory classes, according to Alsumaria News channel - "Despite the health, economic, and security compelling conditions that the country is going through, and the repeated targeting of energy towers, we insisted, Provided that these exams are successful with your determination to face the challenge, stressing that the health situation is serious, and there is a need to adhere to safety procedures to the utmost degree.


It is reported that, yesterday, Friday, the Iraqi Ministry of Health and Environment recorded 6,121 new infections with the emerging "Corona" virus (Covid-19); The total number of infections recorded since the beginning of the epidemic in the country has reached 1,815,497.


The ministry stated - in a statement reported by (Alsumaria News) channel - that 9,224 new cases of recovery from the virus were recorded; The total number of recovery cases increased to 1,641,870 cases, with a recovery rate of 90.4%, noting that 37,858 people received the Corona vaccine during the past 24 hours, bringing the total of those who received the vaccine in the country to 2,857,062 people.


The ministry indicated that 67 new deaths were recorded as a result of infection with the coronavirus; For a total of 20 thousand and 25 deaths.