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The Housing and Development Bank signs a protocol to activate the initiative to make the sidewalks of Maadi neighborhood available to facilitate people with special needs

 Within the framework of the Housing and Development Bank's keenness to be an active member of society and to play its societal role by contributing to initiatives and programs that have a tangible impact on sustainable development to achieve comprehensive development in all sectors of society.

The Housing and Development Bank signed a joint cooperation protocol with the Ministry of Local Development, Cairo Governorate and the Misr El Kheir Foundation, regarding the activation of the initiative "Availability of Cairo's sidewalks for people with special needs and people with disabilities", which aims to prepare sidewalks in the Maadi area, Cairo Governorate, to facilitate the people of determination and those with disabilities. .

 The signing of the protocol was witnessed by Mr. Hassan Ghanem, Chairman and Managing Director of the Housing and Development Bank, Major General Mahmoud Shaarawy, Minister of Local Development, Major General Khaled Abdel Aal, Governor of Cairo, and Ms. Eng. Amal Mubdi, Executive Director of Resources Development at Misr El Kheir Foundation.

   Hassan Ghanem stated that the Housing and Development Bank pays great attention to supporting people of determination in society, as it was the first to adopt this initiative to facilitate for people of determination and provide the capabilities and special needs that help them carry out their daily activities with ease.

Ghanem added that the Maadi area is the initial starting point for activating this initiative in several other regions in Greater Cairo to support the integration of people of determination into society and to achieve the principle of social justice and equal opportunities.

Emphasizing the vital role played by financial and banking institutions in the field of social responsibility and sustainable development, as their effective participation with non-profit civil society institutions has effective results in providing societal support to the largest number of beneficiaries.

He pointed out that the Bank always aims to provide all aspects of support to the community through a targeted strategy for social responsibility based on initiatives and programs that have a positive and effective impact to support the sectors most in need to achieve sustainable economic, social and environmental growth for the advancement of the country.

    Ghanem expressed his sincere appreciation for the effective role of the Ministry of Local Development and the Misr El Kheir Foundation in supporting people with special needs, and always striving to intensify efforts to provide comfort to this important group in society.