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Macron Guterres inaugurates the Paris conference to support Lebanon with Egyptian participation

French President Emmanuel Macron will inaugurate at 1:00 pm tomorrow, Lebanon time, the Paris Conference in Support of Lebanon, coinciding with the first anniversary of the Beirut port explosion. According to the Presidential Palace in Lebanon.

US President Joe Biden will also deliver a speech during the conference, followed by speeches by the participating countries, led by Egypt.

Besides Egypt and the United States of America, according to what was reported by the Presidential Palace in Lebanon, King Abdullah II of Jordan, Prime Minister of Greece, and the Iraqi Prime Minister, Prime Minister of Canada, European Union President Charles Michel, Prime Minister of Kuwait, and foreign ministers are also participating: Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Cyprus, Britain, Italy, Belgium, Finland, Croatia, Spain, Qatar, Switzerland.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, China, the Arab League will also participate, and there are other countries that will announce their participation later.

President Macron's speech will be broadcast live, and President Aoun's speech will also be broadcast live on Lebanon TV.

A statement will be issued at the end of the conference on behalf of France and the United Nations.