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Director of the Institute of Nutrition: Treatment of malnutrition in children starts from pregnancy

Dr. Jihan Fouad, Director of the National Institute of Nutrition, said that there is a map on the situation of malnutrition in Egypt, and there is great interest in children, as they are the future of Egypt, noting that anemia and obesity fall under the name "malnutrition", and to improve the numbers in the prepared map, no It is necessary to improve infrastructure, water and sanitation projects and direct interventions, through monitoring from the beginning during pregnancy and continuing to follow up on nutrition in children.

She added, during an intervention with the media, Sarah Hazem, on the “Today” program, which is broadcast on the “dmc” channel: “The interest since pregnancy is very important because in Egypt we have a big problem with regard to breastfeeding rates, which are low by 13%, which greatly affects immunity. In children, in addition to working to treat anemia, which is very complicated and caused by wrong eating habits, such as drinking tea and eating meat wrongly, and to work on it well, work is done by providing treatment, and taking care of immunity.

And she continued, "It is necessary to take collective measures from various institutions to adjust these numbers, which is what is being done now, and the school meal will not alone solve the problem of malnutrition in children, but it will help at least 30% of the child's needs, and it includes protein and carbohydrates."