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Abdullah Jumaa supports his brother: “You will always find me on your crutch any time you fall.”

Abdullah Gomaa, player of the first football team in Zamalek Club, sent a message to his brother, the player Saleh Gomaa, in which he expressed his support for him during the period of his injury. "If I were to talk about the yes of our Lord, I would start with my brother and my support, and I would tell you that you will always find me, your support, your back, and your protection at any difficult time in which you transgress in your life."

Abdullah Gomaa, a player for the first-team football team in Zamalek Club, added in his message: “I will tell you that you will find me your crutch any time you fall, and your light in any dark period will attack you, and I will tell you that any difficult time will attack you, and God willing, you will transgress well and I will support you.” And my life will never leave you, my dearest, from me.”

And earlier, Saleh Jumaa, the Ceramica club player, who had an Achilles tendon rupture, thanked the club’s medical officials for their great efforts to speed up the player’s recovery and return to the stadiums again.

And Saleh Jumaa wrote, through his account on the short tweets website, Twitter: "I thank the medical apparatus of the Ceramica Cleopatra Club, led by Dr. Farid Radwan, for their continuous efforts with me."

Ceramica players were keen to support Saleh Jumaa, the team's player, in the Ceramica and Clearing match, which ended with the victory of the first with two goals against a goal.

Saleh Gomaa suffered a complete rupture of his Achilles tendon during the last friendly match that Ceramica Club played against Talaa El-Jaish.