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3 fell from a plane and killed in a stampede.. Death escaped the Taliban at Kabul airport

The chaos in Kabul airport after the occupation of the Afghan capital by the Taliban and the departure of the Afghan president, and a state of fear and panic prevailed inside the airport, which is secured by US forces during attempts to evacuate foreigners from Afghanistan.

After thousands of people flocked to the airport to escape the brutality of the Taliban, tragic scenes spread of people risking their lives. Thousands stormed the runway to catch up with them before leaving the airport. At least 5 people were reported killed due to the stampede on the stationed planes.

People also took refuge in the hollow of the plane's wheels, as 3 Afghans were killed as a result of their fall after they got stuck to the wheels of a plane while it was leaving the airport.

While the countries of the world rushed to get their citizens out of Afghanistan, and the US army secured the vicinity of Kabul Airport to ensure the safe departure of US personnel and their allies from Afghanistan through civilian and military flights.