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Tunisian Anas Jaber qualifies for the quarter-finals of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships

Tunisian Anas Jaber wrote history and qualified for the quarter-finals of the Wimbledon tennis tournament, one of the four Grand Slam tournaments, and Anas Jaber became the first Arab player to reach the Wimbledon tennis quarter-finals in history.

The Tunisian succeeded in eliminating the Polish Iga Šviontik, the 2020 Roland Garros champion, and Anas Jaber turned her deficit by a group free of charge to win in two groups to one.

The Polish won the first set with a score of 7-5, before Anas Jaber swept the second and third sets with a single score 6-1.

Anas will face Belarusian player, Arina Sabalenka, who is ranked fourth in the tournament.