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Tokyo 2020 .. The date of the handball match against Japan in the Olympics

The handball team, led by its Spanish coach, Roberto Barondo Garcia, will play its third match at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics tomorrow morning, Wednesday, in the Olympic Games in Japan, and will continue until August 8.


The handball team will face Japan at 7:15 am


The handball team will meet its Japanese counterpart in its third match at 7:15 am tomorrow, Wednesday.


The handball team is in third place before facing Japan


The Egyptian handball team is in third place in the second group of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, before facing Japan in its third match tomorrow, Wednesday.


The Pharaohs team comes in third place, with a victory over Portugal 37/31 in its first confrontation, and a loss from world champion Denmark 32/27.


Today, Tuesday, our first Egyptian national men's handball team, led by Spanish technical director Roberto Garcia Barrondo, will engage in morning training for an hour and a half.

After the training, the team has lunch, and then in the evening a video lecture is held for the players to watch the Japan team and study the players and their movements, in preparation for facing the Japanese team tomorrow, Wednesday, in the third round of our national team in the Tokyo Olympics


The handball team faces Sweden in its fourth match


While the fourth match will be against Sweden on July 30 at 9:15 am Cairo time, and the fifth match against Bahrain will be on August 1 at 4:00 am Cairo time.

Egypt is in Group B, which includes Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Japan and Bahrain, while the first group includes Norway, France, Germany, Brazil, Spain, and Argentina.


The list of the handball team in the Olympics includes: Karim Hendawy - Muhammad Essam Al-Tayyar - Muhammad Ali - Omar Al-Wakeel “Bakkar” - Yahya Al-Dara’ - Ali Zain - Hassan Walid Qaddah - Ahmed Hisham “Dodo” - Saif Al-Dara’ - Yahya Khaled - Ahmed Al-Ahmar - Mohamed Hisham Sanad - Ibrahim Al-Masry - Mohamed Mamdouh Hashem - Wissam Sami Nawar - Ahmed Adel