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The "New Cairo" apparatus implements magnifying campaigns to eliminate the "tuk-tuk" phenomenon and remove occupations

Engineer Amin Ghoneim, Head of the New Cairo City Development Authority, confirmed that magnifying campaigns have been launched in cooperation with the police leaders and the "Reconstruction" investigations in the gatherings (first - third - fifth), to eliminate the phenomenon of "tuk-tuk" and "trocycle" vehicles, as well as to remove All occupancy and street vendors from the main and subsidiary streets of the city.


Engineer Amin Ghoneim explained that a campaign was launched to remove all occupancy, stalls, and violations on both sides of the main roads in the eighth locality (earthquake housing), in conjunction with the start of road expansion and afforestation works in the Third Settlement area, under the direct supervision of Engineer Salwa Bayoumi, Vice President of the Agency for the Third Settlement. .


The head of the agency indicated that a campaign was carried out with the knowledge of the Security Department in the first assembly to eliminate the phenomenon of "tuk-tuk" vehicles and scavenger bikes in the first assembly, which resulted in the seizure of 5 "tuk-tuk" vehicles and 5 "tricycles" in the city apparatus, under the supervision of the engineer. Marwa Hussein, Vice President of the Agency for the first assembly.


Engineer Amin Ghoneim said: A campaign was launched on the northern and southern 90th Street and the extension area to remove all occupants and street vendors, with the participation of the Security Department led by Brigadier General Engineer Hisham Mahdi, the development departments and the heads of neighborhoods and under the direct supervision of Engineer Khaled Ragab, Vice President of the Agency for the extension area and Engineer Abdel Nasser Youssef Vice President of the Fifth Settlement Agency.


Engineer Amin Ghoneim added that rehabilitating the units withdrawn for violating the activity from residential to commercial in the third district of the Fifth Settlement, and returning the housing units to their original origin again by removing the iron doors and finishing them in the same color as the facade of the buildings, in order to preserve the general appearance of the neighborhood.