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The Iraqi Crisis Cell recommends finding alternative buildings for hospitals due to the high Corona injuries

Today, Monday, the Iraqi Parliamentary Crisis Cell called on the government to expedite the finding of alternative buildings for hospitals, after the continuous rise in the number of infections with the Corona virus “Covid 19” in the country.

The Crisis Cell recommended - in a statement reported by the Iraqi news channel (Alsumaria News) - the government to expedite the treatment of the lack of bed capacity in hospitals and isolation centers for Corona patients, by obligating health departments in Baghdad and the provinces to cooperate with the provincial administration on finding alternative buildings for hospitals, which are eligible for reservation and isolation. Compensating the shortfall in the family, provided that the executive authorities bear the responsibility for delaying or not implementing this decision, providing smears and medicines that treat corona and the necessary laboratory analyzes in hospitals, and asking the Prime Minister to end the problems in the suspended hospitals.

The Parliamentary Crisis Cell stressed "the need to support oxygen production laboratories and secure central storage, and work to expand oxygen tanks in all hospitals and isolation centers, establish oxygen production laboratories, open the door for investment, and facilitate procedures in this regard."

The Iraqi Parliamentary Crisis Cell issued these recommendations after meeting with a number of officials in the Ministry of Health to find out the repercussions of the high indicator of injuries and deaths in Corona.

The Crisis Cell in the Iraqi province of Nineveh had earlier sounded the alarm due to the continuous rise in the number of Corona virus "Covid 19" infections in the country, confirming at the same time that the Shifa Hospital in the province was full of Corona patients.

In the statement, the cell called on all citizens "to adhere to preventive health conditions and to stay away from human gatherings, especially funerals, weddings and banquets, and to go as soon as possible to take the vaccine, in order to preserve the safety of society."