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The fall of great coaches is the most prominent phenomenon during the European Nations Euro 2020

The sad endings at the end of the European Nations Cup in its historical version, "Euro 2020", imposed on the careers of many great technical managers who had already left their positions or were waiting for a determination of fate and a bullet of mercy on the part of the officials of the major federations.

Joachim Loew, the former coach of the German national team, is considered the most prominent victim of Euro 2020 after he failed to overcome the obstacle of the round of 16, and bid farewell to the tournament early to leave the Germans in trouble with the new coach Hans Flick, and the 2014 World Cup-winning coach fails to provide a happy end to his career with the Germans in his training journey.

He will be joined by Didier Deschamps, coach of the 2018 World Cup champion France, who was the first candidate to win the cup, but he fell on penalties against Switzerland in the round of 16 and bid farewell to the tournament early.

Another coach appears, a third, who failed to cross the obstacle of the last sixteen, and is pursued by sacking, which is Fernando Santos, coach of the Portugal national team, the Euro 2016 champion, who failed to compete despite having a distinguished generation of young players and talents in the tournament.

Luis Enrique, coach of the Spanish national team and champion of the Champions League in 2015, accompanied by Barcelona, ​​​​is considered one of the coaches who achieved disappointing results for the fans as well, as the Matador failed to overcome the round of four and fell to Italy on penalties, although it was a candidate for the coronation.

Russia sacked its veteran coach, Stanislav Cherchesov, who reached the quarter-finals of the last World Cup, but he said goodbye to European nations early and did not present the expected offers to leave his post.

Another big name was also dropped in the European World Cup, Zlatko Daltic, the coach of the Croatia national team and the last summer of the World Cup, who also failed to reach the semi-finals and is under great pressure to resign.