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The Egyptian Embassy in Germany receives the Paralympic team in preparation for Tokyo

The Egyptian embassy in Germany was keen to provide all possibilities to receive the Paralympic team delegation during its presence in preparation for facing Germany Thursday as part of the preparations for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

Ehab Hassanein, a board member of the Egyptian Paralympic Volleyball Federation and head of the delegation at the Tokyo Olympics, revealed the keenness of Khaled Galal, the Egyptian ambassador to Germany, to assign Karim Mazroua, second secretary of the Egyptian embassy, ​​to receive the Egyptian team at Berlin Airport on his behalf, during the joint camp with the German national team for the specified period. From the 13th to the 19th of July.


Musaad Al-Ayouti, the technical director of the Egyptian team, also praised the camp's residence, as it is the headquarters of all the Olympic and Paralympic teams that will participate in Tokyo.


The Egyptian team is represented by Hisham Salah, Ashraf Zagloul, Abdel Nabi Hassan, Mohamed El Hanawy, Salah Atta, Hossam Masoud, Mr. Moussa, Ahmed Khamis, Ahmed Fadl, Mutawa Abu El Khair, Mohamed Saad and Ahmed Abdel Fattah.


The technical director, Massad Al-Ayouty, the general coach, Mohamed Bashir, the coach, Taher Al-Bahai, and the good team member, Dr. Hajid Al-Antabli, and the mission is headed by Ihab Hassanein.