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South Korean Prime Minister: 90% of infections with the "Delta" mutated from the Corona virus are in the capital

South Korean Prime Minister Kim Bo-gyeom said that 90% of the total number of cases infected with the "delta" mutant of the emerging corona virus appeared in the capital, Seoul, and its surrounding areas.


The Japanese channel, "NHK", said on Friday that South Korea is currently witnessing a rise in the number of coronavirus cases, coinciding with a similar rise in the number of infections with the "delta" mutant, which was first discovered in India.


The channel added that the total number of injuries exceeded 800 people for the first time since last January.


At the conference, the South Korean prime minister called for "immediate" measures to stop the spread of the virus, warning that the country was facing a "serious crisis".


It is noteworthy that South Korea recorded 3 additional deaths recently, bringing the total deaths to 2024, along with about 159,000 cases.