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Shawky Gharib discusses traveling to Tokyo early because of the biological clock

Shawky Gharib, coach of the Egyptian Olympic team, discusses traveling to Tokyo early, and not waiting until July 17, to play a friendly match there before the Olympics, in addition to the players getting used to the biological clock due to the large time difference between Egypt and Japan.


The Olympic team also decided to close the team’s camp starting today, Friday, after the camp was open yesterday and the day before yesterday, in order to preserve the players’ focus in the training and the atmosphere of the tournament, and the Egyptian team opens its journey in the tournament against Spain on July 22, then Argentina on 25 and Australia on 28 of the same month.


Today, all the players selected to participate in the Olympics are scheduled to take part in the training, except for the six Al-Ahly players, namely Muhammad Al-Shennawi, Nasser Maher, Taher Muhammad Taher, Ahmed Ramadan Beckham, Akram Tawfiq and Salah Mohsen.


Shawky Gharib chose 22 players for the Olympics: goalkeeper: Muhammad Al-Shennawi - Muhammad Sobhi - Mahmoud Gad, and defense: Ahmed Abul-Fotouh - Karim Fouad - Ahmed Hegazy - Mahmoud Al-Wansh - Mohamed Abdel Salam - Ahmed Ramadan “Beckham” - Osama Jalal-Karim Al-Iraqi And the middle: Akram Tawfiq - Ammar Hamdi - Imam Ashour - Nasser Maher - Ramadan Sobhi - Ibrahim Adel - Abdel Rahman Magdy - Taher Mohamed Taher, and the attacker: Ahmed Yasser Rayan - Salah Mohsen - Nasser Mansi.