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Saad Farouk, coach of the Suez national team

The board of directors of the Suez national team, headed by Mido Hilal, contracted with Saad Farouk, the former coach of Fayoum, to take over the technical leadership of the sons of the stranger next season in order to compete for promotion to the league of lights and fame again.

Saad Farouk drew attention during the past season after leading Dekernes in the third group, in addition to Fayoum, who succeeded in achieving many good results in the first group, which made him the focus of the attention of many clubs.

Suez officials had discussed several biographies of some coaches, led by Mr. Eid, the former technical director of the Interior, and Alaa Ibrahim, the former technical director of the Eastern Tobacco, before the opinion settled within the administration on contracting with Saad Farouk.