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Russia's envoy to Syria: We are continuing our efforts to create opportunities for the return of Syrian refugees

On Friday, the Russian Special Envoy to Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev, affirmed the continuation of Moscow's efforts to create opportunities that contribute to facilitating the return of Syrian refugees to their country, calling on international parties to engage in these efforts.


Lavrentiev - in a statement reported by the Russian TASS news agency - called on international parties to help solve the humanitarian crisis in Syria, stressing the need to make efforts to create good natural conditions inside Syria that would allow refugees to return to their country.


The Russian diplomat pointed out that the International Conference on Refugees, which was held in Damascus in November 2020, was the first and most important stage, "which laid the foundation for further efforts in this humanitarian file."


He added, "Now, we plan to continue this work and hold discussions again in Damascus... as a Russian delegation will be sent there to see what is being done to create conditions for the return of refugees to Syria with the help of the Russian side first."


Alexander Lavrentiev said that deliveries of the anti-Corona vaccine to Damascus will continue in order to help the country fight the Corona virus.


Lavrentiev added: "Vaccine shipments are already being sent to Syria... We have sent shipments in large quantities. I can assure you that the deliveries will continue, because we must provide assistance to the brotherly Syrian people, and help them fight the Corona virus."


It is noteworthy that Syria authorized the emergency use of "Sputnik V" on February 22nd.