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Rain floods New York subway stations, trains diverted due to Storm Elsa

New Yorkers resorted to jet skis to move on the streets after Tropical Storm "Elsa" caused torrential rains on the city, and travelers were forced to walk through huge amounts of water that flooded subway stations in the American city, according to the newspaper "Daily Mail" " British.

Thunderstorms caused sudden and widespread flooding across New York City, with water rising to the "waist" of citizens at the Washington Heights metro station, while police deployed to rescue stranded motorists.

The National Hurricane Center said the storm's maximum sustained winds peaked near 50 miles per hour as it moved through New York City and Long Island.

Several roads were closed in the Bronx and Manhattan, and on Friday, with up to 6 inches of rain expected in some areas, a Bronx resident was seen using a jet ski to cross a water-filled road.

Elsa is now heading toward coastal Maine, where she will go out to sea, and meteorologists said Elsa was moving northeast at 31 miles per hour.

Heavy rain caused a small rockslide under the main rail track in West Haven, Connecticut, forcing trains to switch to a secondary track for a few hours. West Haven was also among the coastal towns dealing with significant street flooding.

After being in the southeast, the cone of Hurricane Elsa shot north, and began to hit New York City late Friday morning, before the rains stopped at about midday, and the storm has already caused many injuries and at least one death in Florida and Georgia this week .