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Preparations for the Egyptian Stock Exchange Board Membership Elections for the New Term

The elections for the membership of the board of directors of the Egyptian Stock Exchange for the new term (2021-2025) will begin at 3:00 today, at the headquarters of the Misr Information Dissemination Company. 11 candidates will compete to reserve 4 seats, 3 for brokerage and asset management companies, and one for small and medium-sized companies. The candidate Hashem Al-Sayed reserved the seat of the listed companies as a result of the failure of a competitor to run for him.


The list of candidates for membership of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Stock Exchange (2021-2025), includes 12 candidates distributed among 6 candidates for the seats of companies operating in securities (broking) and they are Osama Shehata, Managing Director of Universal Securities Brokerage Company, and Ihab Saeed, Managing Director of Osoul Brokerage Company. In the securities, Rania Yaqoub, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Three Way Securities, Shawkat Al-Maraghi, Managing Director of Prime Securities, Adel Abdel-Fattah, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Thimar Securities, and Mohamed Asran, Managing Director of Arzan Securities.


The names of the candidates for the list of companies working in securities (other than brokerage) included: Ahmed Abu Al-Saad, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Azimut Egypt for Fund Management and Securities Governor, Randa Hamed, Managing Director of Okaz Company for the formation and management of securities portfolios, and Mohamed Reda, President The Board of Directors of Solid Capital Consulting, after the withdrawal of Gamal Fawzy Fathalla, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Porto Holding Group.


 And on the Nile Stock Exchange, Dalia El-Sawah, Managing Director of the Integrated Group for Engineering Works, Mohamed El-Azab Khattab, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Arab Development and Real Estate Investment Company, and Hashem El-Sayed are a single candidate for the listed companies seat.


The management of the Egyptian Stock Exchange prepared, for the elections, amid strict precautionary measures, and put signs at the entrance to the headquarters of the Misr Company for Information Dissemination in the Fifth Settlement, for candidates and voters to enter with masks, and put up a sign specifying how to vote, starting with going to inquire about the company number through those in charge of organizing the electoral process, then Go to the people in charge of registration to prove attendance, obtain the voting card, then mark the name of the candidate(s) on the voting card according to the voting rules shown on the card, and then put it in the box designated for that, provided that the voting time starts from three o’clock until eight o’clock in the evening.


The EGX administration also allocated a platform for the electoral committee supervising the EGX elections, and transparent boxes were placed in front of it to place voting cards.