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Outside the stadium.. Mayar Ragai, the volleyball player: Tamer Hosny is my favorite singer and my hobby is reading

Away from sports and competition halls, there is another aspect in the lives of players in terms of individual or team games, this aspect in which the players are stripped of the championships and titles that have been achieved at their hands, and through it they show their interest in their personal life and hobbies.

Today’s star on the field is Mayar Ragai, a former volleyball player in the Horse Owners Club and Smouha.

What is your favorite hobby away from sports?


My favorite hobby is reading.


What is the food that you cook?


White sauce pasta.


who is your favorite artist ?


Yasmin Abdel Aziz  .


Who is your favorite singer?


Tamer Hosny  .

If you weren't a player, what would you wish for?


I work in the business.


When you fight in the street, can you use violence or not?


Ignore the opposites.


Which movie star would you like to be?


Amina Khalil.


Do you like casual or formal clothes?


The casual.


Do you prefer marrying an athlete or not a condition?


 A better sports person or their home in sports.