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Learn why high cholesterol causes 4 types of clots

A number of pathological symptoms appear on some people suddenly, including a continuous rise in blood pressure, and a permanent feeling of not being able to breathe with tightness in the rib cage, which this condition increases when stress and anxiety levels rise. The medical website “THE HEALTH” stated that all of these symptoms warn An increase in the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, which causes weakness in the circulatory movement and increases the severity of blood clotting in the body, and that patients with cholesterol and triglycerides turn the movement of blood in the body in a manner similar to the movement of honey in its slow form, while the correct image of blood Water goes fast.

The website added, the diseases caused by high cholesterol are the most prominent

1 arteriosclerosis.

 2 heart attacks.

3 brain strokes.

4 bowel clots.

The medical report on the website stated that the slow flow of blood helps the spread of blood clots in any of the extremities of the body or in the arteries of the heart, and then the clot occurs in the place where the blood clots, whether in the heart or in the arms or legs.

He stressed the need for the patient to urgently conduct blood tests and consult the specialist doctor with the results to quickly take remedial measures for this case, especially that the treatment period lasts for a period of no less than 3 months, and the treatment is to establish a healthy diet away from oils, fats and fried foods, in addition to giving medicines Helps burn body fat.

The report pointed out that high blood pressure in these cases is not correct to give medicine to control the pressure, but it is better to reduce the levels of cholesterol and fats, which help in returning the body to normal levels.