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Iraqi Immigration: 296 IDPs returned to their areas of residence in Nineveh Governorate

The Iraqi Ministry of Migration and Displacement announced the return of 296 displaced people from the camps of the Kurdistan region, the "Khazer" axis, east of Mosul, to their original areas of residence in Nineveh Governorate.

The ministry stated - in a statement reported by (Alsumaria News) channel - that under the guidance of the Minister of Migration and Displacement, Evan Faeq Jabro, a new batch of displaced (296) from the Khazer axis camps were returned to their areas in (Al-Mithaq neighborhood, Al-Quds neighborhood, Badush, Al-Nahrawan, Zummar and Al-Hatra). , Al-Zahra neighborhood, Al-Ansar, Wadi Hajar, Al-Sharqat, Al-Obour, Al-Quds and Al-Humaydat) affiliated to Nineveh Governorate.

The statement indicated that the return of the displaced families came after the completion of the security check for them in coordination with the security forces and local governments, and that they were delivered to their original areas of residence.