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Iraqi Foreign Minister: The exit of US forces from the country does not mean the end of the foreign presence

Iraqi Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein stressed that the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq does not mean the end of the American presence in Iraq, as they will remain in the country important for the American army in an advisory and training capacity, pointing out that Iraq urgently needs to keep the forces for the purpose of training and providing logistical support to the Iraqi forces.

Hussein said - in statements reported by (Alsumaria News) news channel today, Tuesday, "The expected announcement that the White House will witness at the conclusion of Al-Kazemi's meeting with Biden, will coincide with the conclusion of the fourth and final strategic dialogue round between the two countries, adding that a joint statement is scheduled to be issued about what It was reached whether America was serious about withdrawing its forces or not.

He pointed out that the strategic dialogue in its fourth round, which may be the last, brings the file of the withdrawal of the US armed forces from Iraq to the fore, adding that the file of the agreement on withdrawing forces is the first expected on the dialogue table, which is scheduled to present a timetable no later than the end of December of this year, And that is more than five years after the return of US forces to Iraq as part of the international coalition to fight terrorism.