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Iraq..A prominent leader in ISIS was arrested during a security operation that took place in 3 provinces

The Security Media Cell in Iraq announced the arrest of a prominent leader of the terrorist organization ISIS, known as the "Wali of Baghdad".

The cell said in a statement reported by (Alsumaria News) news channel today, Monday, that the National Security Agency arrested the so-called "Wali of Baghdad", in a qualitative operation that took place during the pursuit of three Iraqi governorates.

She pointed out that this terrorist is one of the most prominent leaders of ISIS, where he held several positions, the most important of which is the so-called Emir of the states (Al-Shamiya - Raqqa - Badia - Salah al-Din - Baghdad), where he admitted to his leadership many terrorist operations against civilians and security forces, and the terrorist was referred To the competent authorities to take legal action against him.