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IOC member: Tokyo Games procedures are strict and the host must be respected

Juan Antonio Samaranch, a member of the International Olympic Committee and former vice president, admitted that the strict procedures imposed on the participants in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics are uncomfortable, but stressed that adhering to them comes out of respect for the Japanese hosts, who praised their "generosity."

In an interview with (EFE) hours before traveling to Tokyo, Samaranch, the son of former Olympic Committee President Juan Antonio Samaranch, stressed, "It is strict rules that prevent us from interacting, but it is the procedures that they have decided and must be respected."

"We can only thank the hosts for their generosity, without which we would not have been able to hold this great celebration of humanity," he added.

The competitions will be held without fans, but in Samaranch's opinion, fans will be able to follow the competition "in other ways".

He also highlighted that the most important thing is that "the athletes have been able to maintain their dream of participating and will be able to show their distinction on the stage."