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Imran Khan: Blaming Pakistan for the turbulent situation in Afghanistan is 'unfair'

 Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed his disappointment over the allegations made by the Afghan side against Pakistan, saying that "no country has tried to bring the Taliban movement to the table as much as Pakistan has."

Khan stressed, in statements reported by the Pakistani newspaper (Express Tribune) today (Friday), that Islamabad has made every possible effort to persuade the Taliban to sit at the dialogue table and reach a peaceful solution, noting that blaming Pakistan for what is happening in Afghanistan is a matter. Totally unfair.

Khan made the remarks during his participation in the international conference "Regional Solidarity in Central and South Asia: Opportunities and Challenges" held in Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan, in response to Afghan President Ashraf Ghani's allegations about Pakistan's negative role in the Afghan peace process.

The Pakistani Prime Minister added that regional stability and peace are of paramount importance in order to enhance trade and economic cooperation in the region, stressing that stability in Afghanistan is one of Pakistan's top priorities, pointing to the economic losses his country has faced due to the unrest in Afghanistan.