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Gold prices rise at the beginning of the week’s trading.. 21 karat records 782 pounds per gram

Gold opened trading this week today, Monday, June 5, 2021, with a slight increase on the global stock exchange, recording levels of 1793 dollars due to the emergence of a new strain of the Corona virus that affected investor sentiment, which pushed the price of the ounce to rise.


Gold prices today in Egypt recorded an increase of two pounds at the time of writing these lines, as 21 karat, the best-selling in Egypt, rose to levels of 782 pounds per gram.

Gold price today in Egypt:

Carat 18 records 671 pounds per gram.


21 carat records 782 pounds per gram.


24 carat records 893 pounds per gram.


The gold pound is 6256 pounds.


An ounce of gold is $1,793.


And gold prices had fallen to their lowest level in more than two and a half months to approach $ 1,750 an ounce before compensating their losses at the end of last week, as the selling was driven by the strength of the US dollar, however, the precious metal found support later due to renewed fears of the Corona virus. Which damaged the confidence of traders in Asia, and weak bond yields supported gold prices to rise towards levels close to 1800 dollars.


Data from the US Department of Labor released on Friday showed that the country's economy added 850 thousand jobs to the non-agricultural sectors last June, and this is the fastest pace of job growth in the US economy in ten months, but the unemployment rate rose to 5.9% from 5.8% during the month, and the unemployment rate rose to 5.9% from 5.8% during the month. It is still much higher than pre-pandemic levels, which put pressure on gold and halted its rally.


Precious metals markets are awaiting a number of events today, including Australian retail sales and Canadian business outlook survey, at a time when expectations are for a limited partial rise followed by a decline within hours as gold is still affected by positive employment information in America.