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Galatasaray, led by Mustafa Muhammad, was prevented from entering Greece to face Olympiacos

The delegation of the Turkish club Galatasaray, who plays in the ranks of the Egyptian international Mustafa Mohamed, returned to her country, after a crisis erupted between the officials of the team and the management of the Greek airport upon their arrival there, in preparation for the match that was scheduled against Olympiacos, which includes the other Egyptian striker Ahmed Hassan Koca, within Special equipment for the next season.

Galata Saray club issued a statement condemning the intransigence and bad treatment of the mission at the airport, and the bad treatment of coach Fatih Tarim and a number of players.

"We went to play a friendly match in a good atmosphere, where a clear discrimination against a Turkish team was made," Galatasaray said.

The statement added: "The mission was forced to undergo tests to detect the Corona virus, despite the fact that we had tests valid for 72 hours, according to the diplomatic agreements between the two countries, Turkey and Greece."

"This is the first time that Galatasaray, who proudly bears the Turkish flag on his shirt and represents Turkey in Europe several times, has been subjected to such treatment," the club statement continued.

The club's board of directors called for an apology from Greek officials for what the team's official mission faced there.

In a related context, the Egyptian star, Mustafa Mohamed, was on the list of his Turkish team, Galata Saray, who was preparing to face the Greek Olympiacos team in a friendly, as part of the preparations for the 2022 football season.

Fatih Tarim, technical director of Galatasaray Club, announced the list that faces Olympiacos, the professional Greek champion, within its Egyptian ranks, Ahmed Hassan Koca, tomorrow, Tuesday.

Mustafa Muhammad underwent in Turkey a medical examination before participating in group training under the leadership of the coach of the first team of Galatasaray Club Fatih Tarim, as Galatasaray prepares for the two matches against PSV Eindhoven in the second round of the Champions League qualifiers, which will be held at the end of next July.

Egyptian international striker Mostafa Mohamed was injured in the friendly match against his team, Galata Saray, against his Romanian counterpart, Dinamo Bucharest, in the first friendly match for the Turkish team as part of the preparations for the new season 2021/2022.