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Foods that fight skin problems and acne, including carrots and oranges

We often think about what we eat and what we don't eat when it comes to maintaining the freshness of our skin, while some foods can mess with our metabolism, some can also cause skin and complexion problems. To maintain skin health.

Here are the best foods for healthy skin and skin:

1- Foods rich in vitamin A are very beneficial for the skin, such as carrots, it is the best source of vitamin A and is mostly available throughout the year, as it helps to improve the texture of the skin, and also controls hair loss.

2- Legumes, they are a good source of B-complex, which is very necessary for glowing skin, as it helps to get rid of pigmentation and dark circles under the eyes and helps improve blood circulation.

3- Vitamin C, as orange is one of the most famous fruits rich in vitamin C, as our skin needs this vitamin all the time, as it helps in treating skin pigmentation problems and acne and works to unify skin tone.

4- Vitamin D and Vitamin E are important for your skin, you can get them through ghee or butter or by eating dried fruits and nuts, as they help rejuvenate the skin and protect it from excessive dryness.


5- Leafy vegetables, they are full of minerals and help in removing toxins from the body and thus maintaining the glow of the skin, and they also help to remove spots and improve pallor of the skin.