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Find out when Al-Ahly trains daily in Morocco before the African final

Al-Ahly’s technical staff, led by South African Pitso Musimani, set a daily date for the red genie to participate in daily training in Morocco, at eight in the evening, Morocco time, in Morocco, in preparation for the African final against the South African champion Kaizer Chiefs, which is scheduled for nine in the evening next Saturday in Casablanca.

Al-Ahly received a negative rest today, Monday, before attending group training tomorrow morning, Tuesday, at Mukhtar Al-Teach Stadium, before having lunch and then heading to Cairo Airport to board the private plane that will take the red mission to Morocco in preparation for facing the South African Kaizer Chiefs next Saturday in the final. African Champions League.

Al-Ahly’s technical staff, led by Pitso Mosimane, prefers to give the players a 24 hour rest to take a breath before traveling to Morocco and start preparing for the Kaizer Chiefs match in South Africa, especially since the technical staff chose to travel to Morocco early to get used to the atmosphere in the Atlantic countries before entering the African final.


It was decided that Al-Ahly club will face its Egyptian counterpart Al-Portsaidi in the 32nd round of the Premier League, on August 20, at 9:00 pm at Alexandria Stadium, after the Football Association announced the dates of the remaining matches in the General League.

The Al-Ahly club team, the holder of the Egyptian League title, began the journey of the seven deferreds by defeating the Arab Contractors with two goals without a response, scored by Salah Mohsen and Mohamed Sharif in the postponed meeting of the 26th round of the competition, then winning the clearing by four without a response, scored by Mohamed Sharif and Magdy Afsha as a goal.

Al-Ahly has 5 games postponed in its Egyptian league campaign, which is what the red team is betting on to regain the top spot, and then decide the title in light of fierce competition with Zamalek.