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Egypt ranks second in the list of favorite tourist destinations for Czech tourists

Egypt ranked second in the list of preferred tourist destinations for the Czech citizen for the summer of 2021, according to the report prepared by the Google search engine for the best five tourist destinations that the Czech citizen is looking for to spend his vacation during the year 2021, as Egypt achieved 21,845 searches on Google within months. Spring, according to a report published by the Czech website Prague Morning.


The Czech website Prague Morning pointed out that Egypt is a unique tourist destination, where the visitor can see its monuments and learn about its ancient civilization, vibrant cities and the picturesque coast of the Red Sea.


In a related context, Tripadvisor, which is considered the largest travel platform in the world, chose Cairo and the tourist resorts in Marsa Alam city as one of the best popular tourist destinations in the world for 2021, and also chose to visit the Giza Pyramids area, the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir and Nile cruises Cairo is one of the best unique and unusual experiences in the world, according to the lists published by the site to shed light on the best and most popular tourist destinations among travelers.


These lists are chosen according to the reviews and ratings that travelers write of places to visit and things to do, as well as accommodation and restaurants in destinations around the world on the social networking site Trip Advisor.