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Daily Mail: US Army Develops Anti-Aging Pills to Improve Human Performance

The British newspaper, Daily Mail, said that the US Army is conducting tests on a new “anti-aging” drug that can prevent or reduce the effects of aging, and the new treatment is being developed from birth control pills, by Special Operations Command (SOCOM), which is part of the The Pentagon's goal is to improve human performance.

The Daily Mail report says that this drug will help boost levels of a compound that hopes to reduce inflammation, slow neurodegeneration and cell renewal, and that SOCOM is expected to begin clinical trials next year, and if the results are successful, the pills may have the ability to delay aging. Indeed, and prevent its effects from appearing.”

A SOCOM spokesperson told Breaking Defense that the pill is built on a small molecule to improve human performance. "These efforts are not about creating physical traits that don't already exist naturally, but rather about enhancing our troops' mission readiness," Hawkins said. by improving performance characteristics that usually decline with age.”

Essentially, we are working with leading industry partners and clinical research institutions to develop nutrients, in the form of pills, suitable for a variety of uses by both civilian and military, and whose resulting benefits may include improved human performance - such as increased endurance and better recovery. faster than injury.

A nutrient is a product derived from a food that has health or medicinal benefits, in addition to the nutrients and minerals it provides. Examples of nutrients include dietary supplements, fortified dairy products, and antioxidant additives.