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Comprehensive closure begins in Bangladesh due to high infections of the Corona virus

Today, Thursday, the implementation of the comprehensive closure decision in Bangladesh for a period of seven days began, after the significant increase in the number of infections with the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19).

And the American television “CNN” stated that no one will be allowed to leave the house, as the police and army forces are patrolling the streets throughout the country in order to ensure that the closure procedures are applied, noting that if anyone leaves his home, he will be arrested and it is possible that He faces a six-month prison sentence.

The television added that public transportation was suspended during the closure period, noting that 8,882 new cases of Corona virus were recorded in Bangladesh yesterday, Wednesday.

Officials blame the recent rise in the number of infections on the highly contagious "delta" mutant, which first appeared in neighboring India.

It is noteworthy that restrictions were imposed on activities and movement throughout Bangladesh in mid-April, as the numbers of injuries and deaths jumped to their highest levels since the beginning of the epidemic.. Injuries decreased in the month of May, but they began to rise again last month, which led to tightening restrictions.